When exhibiting it. I usually get bashed by both sides – photographers and artists. (and some potential buyers) I call my work Photo-Art-Collage because I’m not sure how to classify it. The basis is photography. It begins there. It becomes magnified by a concept – the design, color, proportion, lighting and intent – the story to tell. They’re built image-at-a-time, like a word-at-a-time. They’re anything but a typical photo.

A finished piece is hung and shown as a canvas. My work is carried in several art galleries, viewed and purchased the same as any art piece, and by collectors. But, the bashing continues. Some galleries have difficulty classifying them and that can cause some upset. I don’t know how to describe a gallery owner being upset . While the pieces sell in the gallery, at one point the gallery may no longer want to exhibit them. It’s the classify thing. A NOTE here: My work does not clash with the art they exhibit. It’s innovative and unique as any art may be. Viewers and buyers like my work. But, the bashing will continue.

Maybe I just need mental waterproofing like getting a water-off-a-ducks-back shield. My work is different. It has its own style. Is it Photography? Is it Art? Does it make a difference how it’s created if the desired result is achieved? Here’s an example of my own waterproofing – THE OCEAN – It’s my HIGH and LOW TIDE series Mental waterproofing Vs strapping on a crash helmet.

I’m 99.9% sure you’ve never seen anything like this before.



There are paintings and photos of low tide, and you’ve been to the beach so you know what it looks like. There may be a few designs in the wet sand, a few puddles here and there, exposed muddy bottom clam diggers, boats stranded, lying on their bottoms. Birds digging out crustaceans more easily … the basic stuff. It’s not a subject for modern art. No cubism or surrealism, no abstract, expressionism… did I leave any out… art style. Except maybe this one, it just shows a simple Low Tide 


 The next tide is 12 hours and 25 minutes later so a HIGH TIDE is a natural part of the series. It’s a more expressive, stronger force that spews barber shop foam up onto the beach and shaves away sand little by little. Birds have to run a little faster as popping bubbles reveal where to use their food bill. High tides create their own image of waves crashing, curling, and fountaining their spray.


They may be  a popular subject for artists and photographers depicted in another way. -- more realistic. Many images exist.

But, of course, not done by the modern artists

You get my point? I’ll be bashed or have criticism washed over me because of the style of images . Not the usual.   

So I ask, What's the best choice crash helmet or waterproofing? Helmet or Waterproofing? Helmet or...