A Haiku  AtChoo!

HAIKU the basics:

According to the description – the laws of Haiku – it is a Japanese poem consisting of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, evoking images of the natural world. It’s Precision in language; Force in description. The subject is the poets’ choice – any subject be it beauty or calamity. There’s a beginning, a middle, an end. Adapted in the English language over the last century, poets expanded and expounded on the form. Three lines, and 17 syllables can becomes a four line Haiku and then there is a ONE word Haiku. Poets and grammeticians do what they do best. Haiku reader be aware, it may be multiple subjects combined in ways not heard or thought about, and in a unique written form. I don’t write or talk so good for a Haiku. I mean to say I can express myself more in a visual sense than I can in a written or verbal form. And, I don’t mean to say that I can’t talk on a subject and just trip over myself, though I can. I mean there are subjects and emotions I feel more strongly about and do want to express visually. Some are fun, some for uniqueness – a beauty or calamity thing. They became a visual Haiku – a subject with a beginning, middle and end. I don’t do classic photography. I feel badly saying that. I’m not an artist that can paint with color materials. I do some of the photographer and the artists work. I’m not a poet or a journalist, but I have to tell a story the way I can. There are photos that capture a moment in time, any subject, any place – the light and shadows on a subject, a color – anything that is unique that we may never see in our lifetime. It’s a photo captured at exactly the right time. I don’t do that. OR maybe I should say I do that repetitively – every photo I take can stand on its own in some way. But I can consider a photo I take to be one word that’s part of a visual sentence – or in a Haiku visual form. Or maybe I should say I do the same subject 5-10 times over and over. I have to find the right one or 2 or 3 or... and combine them. You get a sense of repetitiveness? I even repeat words and thoughts to get a meaning across that I may not be sure of at the beginning. Which is to say, sometimes I just don’t talk too good – by the rules of language. Here are a few visual examples: Apologies in advance. SIMPLE can be my way of getting a visual message across. We’ve mostly all seen ocean waves splashing up against the rocks on a beach or a jetty. Splashing is my big thing for this one. There’s timing, color, droplets, designs, results, repetition, some revealing rocks, some hiding, it’s never the same splash twice. I titled this OCEAN SPRAY. (not the cranberry sauce) What it is: jetty rocks plus don’t know you how many different sprays. All combined

photo art


Ocean splashes the rock.

Rock splashes back.

Ocean throws colors in reply.

A Haiku AtChoO


Ocean Spray