basic PORTFOLIO - Carl Bistrack

Sea View Beach House

A window is a window is a window. They’re inescapable. There are windows designed to look like a house or they’re windows with a house build around them to keep them arranged in a specific logic. Many can see out but not in. Many are closed and never open. Many are meant to open and close measuring the air temperature, the wind, and readjust to accommodate comfort and view. The only part I’m sure of is these houses have more than usual number of windows everywhere near coastal waterways. Many are part of a connected design – a window tower or a triangle, a half round window house, a torus - a donut. There are floor to rooftop window houses. There’s house that’s just a house on one side with a glass sea view pyramid growing out of the other side. They always appear and reappear at times, over the roof of another beach house. No escape. You see them. They see you.

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