BEACH - Carl Bistrack

The Stylish Beach Houses

There are the stylish, but mostly plain, beach houses – nothing to sneeze at. The natural beach house is usually attractive in itself. The stylish have that “I belong here” feeling. The beach coastal area does something to attract persons with a balance of good taste. Almost doesn’t matter what the dollar value is, they think and appreciate the look in another way - Its attractiveness. It may sound odd to say the cost isn’t the primary issue, but there’s an appreciation for the area itself. It’s almost as if the beach house owner is surrounded in amniotic fluid about to be born. Then the house and persons that live there become living in a fluidic coastal atmosphere to take advantage of their new surroundings. It almost doesn’t matter if the house is old and has been there for untold years. It looks like It Belongs! No, not yet described what a beach house by the sea really looks like but saying an added color, or a slight design shift, or a lipstick makeup can apply to a beach house where it wouldn’t fit in the usual community. Maybe not doing something to fit makes it a matchstick house you can buy and build anywhere. Not here. It’s a house with an attitude. That’s either seaside humorous with a wink or atmosphere- appropriate. You’ll see what It means.

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