It’s one thing to eat at an Italian restaurant, see a cooking demo on TV, read an Italian cookbook, but it’s another thing to actually fcook a great meal using the real ingredients you found. You can experiment and salivate all you want. But, you’re not really likely to find the stuff in a supermarket… or at reasonable prices.

I'll get directly to the answer at finding actual Italian food ingredients and best fruit and veggie prices. At first I really wasn’t too sure I’d find what I was looking for until I did a complete walk-through. I don’t mean to make this sound simple but it was simpler than I thought.

The answer is the PHILLY ITALIAN MARKET.

It is, but it isn’t.

This likely relates to just about any real street market in every city and every country. I’m talking about street vendors selling fruits and vegetables at 3 or 4 for a dollar, and small street stores and open air market carts each loaded with a variety of a type of ingredient. You won’t find that in a supermarket. They might have specialized departments but they’re limited. It’s actually your city – wherever you are. Except maybe that Philadelphia has the oldest open air market in the US approximately 120 years old. And sure, I should add, that the Philly steak or cheese steak (wit or witout) is only 82 years old.

WHY WOULD I DESCRIBE AN ITALIAN MARKET – AN ANSWER TO ITALIAN INGREDIENTS when my objective is PHOTO ART? Because the market’s been photographed and painted to death, and I had to find a way complete something on my terms – my Italian cooking, yes I do!, not someone else’s. Each had to be a story in itself, not a journalistic report. It had to have a Taste. “Cooking the books” has its own connotation, but this one took several years to get the cooked ingredients right overturning the fraudulence, by comparison, journalistic method. It’s the Photo Art Italian Cooks Book

This’s a better answer than you’d think, Not only a great ingredients answer but one that’s both entertaining and informative in other ways – better than the TV personality show and cookbook. What I almost forgot to mention: each store has its own personality, & products of course. You might think that’s a strange description, but when you witness customers reaction, conversation and movements it becomes a show within a show. Sometimes enlightenments can do that. You can learn more, be more entertained and eat 100 year old foods that haven’t changed. Maybe some names changed, and some chemicals added, but not much,. its century old stuff. When was the last time you had a 100 year old cannoli? Now, about that photo art you could never have seen before – doesn’t matter if you’re 100 years old, you’ve never seen them. They’re here in The Italian Market gallery and in my not-100-year-old-book “SHUT YOUR MOUTH! SMELL THIS! ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND OTHER SAYINGS….”

It’s well worth the  $2.99 eBook! It’s a walk, a sight, a smell you’ve never experienced in this way. And, like-it-or-not, you’ll have answers on how to find the real Italian Ingredients, what they mean, and seeing the best price. Go to:


And see in my ITALIAN MARKET Gallery.

BTW: CLAMS, shown in the IM Gallery was selected by an art gallery in Charlotte NC, for their 150 piece exhibit out of the 3000 art submissions. I repeat THREE THOUSAND SUBMISSIONS. ---150 pieces exhibited – the top 5%

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